ASUS BW-16D1HT Internal SATA 16X Blu-ray Disc Rewriter

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The BW-16D1HT 16X Blu-ray Disc Writer from ASUS features an enhanced 16X Blu-ray disc writing speed. This ensures you can burn data to Blu-ray discs quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you can also take advantage of 16X DVD write speeds and 48X CD write speeds. Accompanying enhanced data write speeds, you can read data from BD-R discs at speeds of 12X, DVD-R discs at speeds of 16X, and CD-R discs at speeds of 48X.

This ASUS Blu-ray Disc Writer is also compatible with M-disc optical media allowing you to etch your data into these discs for long term storage. If you intend on storing a large amount of data you can utilize BDXL optical media to store up to 128GB of data on a single disc. Regardless of your method of storing data this disc writer comes with two forms of security including both password protection and encoded file name functionality.

M-disc Support
With M-disc support your data is engraved into M-disc optical media for long term storage.
BDXL Support
Move to big storage disc formats with BDXL with storage capacities up to 128GB.
Greed idle mode reduces drive operations for up to 50% energy savings.
Disc Enryption
Enhanced security standards with password control and encoded file name functionality.
Drag and drop files to complete super-reliable disc burning in three intuitive steps.
Enhanced Burning Solution
Intelligent drive operation management pre-tests media and assures improved data burning quality.
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